Stasi Interrogation in VR

East German intelligence in VR

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Have you ever been interrogated? Are you aware of interrogation methods being used to get confessions? Yes? No? Have you ever heard of the REID method?

In cooperation with Deutschlandradio Kultur, we created a VR experience about interrogation methods. We exemplified the issue by using original audio footage from 1989 of a Stasi interrogation. The case portraits the last person who was imprisoned by the former East German “intelligence”. So far, the experience is in German only. It is available as an app for Android and for iOS.


In this immersive experience you pursue an interrogation of the State Security of the GDR based on original recordings and learn the methods of so-called “operational psychology” they have used. The user assumes the role of a (passive) record holder who attends the interrogation. Through interaction with objects in the room, additional information about the methods opens up.


The VR room is modeled after a historical interrogation room, you will hear original audio from the archives of the Authority of the Federal Commissioner for Documents of the State Security. To achieve the goal of a “confession”, the interrogators of the State Security had an arsenal of psychological methods and made use of scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, the historical situation is not re-staged, but deliberately interrupted by various journalistic classifications.


The project also included two audio feature on the time slot “Current Affairs” in Deutschlandradio Kultur.