Two-Day Workshop: Discover 360/VR Journalism - An intro to immersive journalism

There is a lot of excitement around 360/VR. Journalists are enthusiastic about VR because this new medium can enhance the way stories are being told. Big tech companies have also invested in VR. During this hands-on workshop, we embrace new technologies, experiment with new devices and discuss immersive storytelling techniques. At the end of the two-day workshop, participants will have gained insights into the current VR market , discuss best practices from news organizations in the US and Europe, learn more about storytelling techniques and will have published a prototype of their own first 360 story. Two days and you are up-to-date with the ultimate medium VR.


  • Overview of the current VR journalism market (content creators, best practices, common devices and software)
  • Hands-on part, experimenting with 360 cameras (Ricoh Theta, Samsung 360 and Insta360), and 360 apps on your smartphone
  • Insights into production workflows and common software used to produce 360 content and CGI content
  • Discussion of 360/VR storytelling techniques (what works and what doesn’t work)
  • Introduction to CGI content (production and distribution) - introduction to Unity
  • Rapid-prototyping your own 360/VR story based on insights gained during this workshop
  • Experimenting with shooting on a consumer-level 360 camera
  • Experimenting with publishing an interactive 360/VR story via Vragments-built 360 storytelling platform Fader