Meeting Water Utilities' Digitalization Challenges

Water utilities face several common challenges when it comes to digitalization, including inefficient maintenance processes, difficulty managing assets, and the need for better collaboration across the AEC industry. Vragments offers tailored solutions to help decision-makers in the water utilities sector overcome these challenges and fully embrace the digital transformation.

CMMS concepts for water utilities

Streamlined Maintenance

Our Brunnenlinse CMMS software enables water utilities companies to digitize and automate their maintenance processes, improving efficiency and reducing downtime. By providing a comprehensive solution for managing maintenance tasks, Brunnenlinse allows for better planning, tracking, and execution of essential maintenance activities.

Improved Collaboration

The combination of Brunnenlinse, BIM, and IFC4 fosters better collaboration among stakeholders in the water utilities sector. This integrated approach ensures that essential data is shared and accessible, promoting communication and cooperation across different teams and disciplines within the AEC industry.

Enhanced Asset Management

By integrating BIM methodology and IFC4 data models, Vragments connects the Brunnenlinse CMMS to the AEC world, allowing for more effective asset management. This seamless integration enables water utilities to have a clearer view of their assets within the larger context of their infrastructure projects, leading to better decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Leveraging 3D Technology

Vragments utilizes 3D technology to enhance the visualization of assets and infrastructure, making it easier for decision-makers to understand the state of their systems and plan for future improvements. By offering 3D representations of water utilities infrastructure, Vragments enables more informed decision-making and improved overall asset management.

With our CMMS Brunnenlinse, you can get started right away and experience the value it brings. Try our online demo to see for yourself! At a glance, you will be able to see all the important information about your well, including its key data, current equipment and any modifications. Brunnenlinse’s flexible architecture means that it can effectively represent any type of company or facility structure.

Ronny Esterluss CTO Vragments

Any maintenance of drinking water wells includes documentation in a central well database. The “DW Well Diary” allows direct input into the well database and eliminates the need for paper documentation and later transfer to the database.

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Sperlich R&D Berliner Wasserbetriebe

The error-prone manual transfer of data to from paper to a database is replaced by direct data entry in the field. Based on the estimated number of data entries per year and an average error rate during manual data transfer, the number of data errors prevented by implementation of the DS is calculated.

Dr. Sebastian Schimmelpfennig Wasserwirtschaft WV-G Berliner Wasserbetriebe